About Us



Ruff Ryderz are a Elite Youth Sports Association.

As  an association, we take great pride in  the achievements of our student  Athletes on and off the field of play.  We operate at the highest level and take pride in keeping the youth of our community off the streets and on the field of competition.

The  Ruff Ryderz mission is to teach children the fundamentals of  sports while promoting the word of God, discipline, dedication and  teamwork in a  fun environment.

While  education is an imperative, an important part of  the Ruff Ryderz mission  statement is to instill in our youths the  challenge of competition, the  joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the  importance of commitment  and the spirit of community. We hope to help  our community's children  enhance social and life skills such as  teamwork, cooperation,  communication, and discipline. We will spread the  word of God while  playing organized sports such as football,  basketball, track and soccer.